The Tebbi & Blackclaw Intro Text

Long before they were Crypt Lords in the warband of the eminent Tethru Dark Harbinger Shefdu Sootootma, the rogues Tebbi the Archer and Blackclaw were somewhat well-known in their own right. Their partnership lasted for many years until their failed assault on the Temple of Amun at Oprinchot.

Tebbi the Archer was a Dispossessed Asar who had been part of an Isis Harbinger's Warband. When his Harbinger was slain in battle Tebbi took to wandering and eventually fell in with a Witch Coven in the far South of Ægyptus. It is unclear how or why he left the coven, but he became known as a bow-for-hire among the less civilized circles of Ægyptian society. It was while Tebbi was attempting to perform a 'management downsizing' for the Empty Palm (an underground 'mercantile organization') that he met Blackclaw...

Blackclaw was a Basti thief and con-man in Pharos for quite some time. He became unfortunately well-known in the city after pulling off a scheme to gain financial backers for an overseas expedition to 'a land drenched in gold.' When the expedition was discovered to consist of a derelict fishing boat and a blind Sebeki, Blackclaw decided it was best to leave Pharos. One of the irate backers caught up with Blackclaw in Buto. Fortunately for Blackclaw the irate backer was the target of Tebbi's downsizing job.

The two rogues joined forces soon after this incident and began a long career of criminal (and occasionally civic-minded) exploits. Their demise and eventual resurrection led to even more exploits, but these were of a very darker sort...

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